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Nutrition and supplements

Collagen Shots 30 Day Serving

The ultimate anti-ageing drink.

Collagen Shots has 10,000 mgs of  marine extract collagen per serving. Super fruit Acai berry and hyaluronic acid were added along with B and C vitamins to create a synergistic blend for maximum benefits.

Collagen type I is the major protein found in connective tissues and skin, it plays an essential role in maintaining skin tone, suppleness & elasticity. After the age of 25 collagen synthesis reduces at a rate of 1.5% a year and the age of 45 collagen levels can have fallen by as much as 30%

The visible effects of this process are the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines & dry skin. Collagen Shots are the answer, all the benefits in one shot per day to stimulate Collagen synthesis and skin hydration slowing down the signs of aging:

  • • Promotes younger looking skin
  • • Reduce fine lines
  • • Improves skin firmness & elasticity

Price –  £36

H3O Hydration Drink

H3O hydration is a revolution, providing all the minerals and ions essential for hydration at a cellular level to create healthy hydrated cells.

– Turn on the switch to convert dormant energy to active energy to

Hypotonic hydration with hyaluronic acid for cell hydration.

  • Key minerals to transfer nutrients into cells and waste products out of  cells.
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Help regulate the level of oxygen in blood
  • Hyaluronic acid for hydration

30 Servings



H3O Night Repair

A revolutionary supplement to hydrate and repair skin whilst you sleep, wake refreshed and ready to face the world

Cellular hydration is one of the main keys to good health and staying young, it puts the body in the best situation to heal and repair tissue. Healthy Hydrated cells have a greater ability to repair, reduce acidity and increase fat burning potential.

Astaxanthin The new wonder ‘drug’ from the sea possibly the most powerful anti oxidant Ionic minerals Key in hydration Hyaluronic acid – can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water Astragulus – a powerful herb believed to help protect DNA Vitamins A, B, C, D, E



Look Younger in 2 Weeks

Three extraordinary products to combat and fight the signs of ageing in one amazing pack, with a book to divulge all the tips and secrets to achieve gorgeous healthy skin.

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Bringing many years of work into one programme

  • Collagen Shots®, the Ultimate anti-ageing Drink
  • H3O Hydration® For healthy hydrated cells
  • H3O Night Repair cellular hydration and repair for cells while you sleep
  • 3 Rejuvenated Luxury Collagen & hyaluronic acid masks
  • Look Younger in 2 Weeks book

Two gorgeous drinks and one tablet, packed with unique ingredient combinations to help our DNA stay youthful and healthy.  Add our gorgeous Collagen Masks and book to give you the complete program.


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