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Weightloss programme with Be Skinny

Be Skinny Drink Me Strawberry

Have you tried numerous slimming and protein drinks to find that they just leave you feeling hungry – We have! We tend to wonder where the food is to go with the shake as we are left counting the hours to my next meal.

Working along with some of the best nutritional advisers we came up with the answer Be Skinny Drink Me ™. We’ve formulated our product to really work, here’s why: Our development team bring together the best in beauty and sporting nutrition to give you clinically proven ingredients with scientific background but totally natural formulations!!

·  Gluten & Lactose free,

·  Suitable for Diabetics & Vegans

·  Green tea for energy

·  Fibre *

·  100% natural with stevia sweetener

14 Servings

Also available in banana and butterscotch flavour



Be Skinny Re Set

A revolutionary formula, which works with the digestive system to activate and Re-set the metabolism. Break down fatty deposits, while protecting muscle to help build a more defined figure. Regulates blood sugar levels to keep you fuller for longer and work in the prevention of diabetes, to give long-term results in weight management.

Holds the switch to reset the metabolism
Inhibits the release of glucose into the bloodstream
Assists with fat metabolism and reduces the absorption of fat
Aids with healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Helps with better insulin regulation, helps with carbohydrate break down.


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