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Cellulite Treatments with Medispa S10 where we bring over 25 years of experience working alongside the most eminent plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skincare experts in the UK, to Ranmoor in Sheffield. For those embarrassing lines our vein removal treatment and services almost entirely hide them. The methods we use for vein removal are some of the advanced in the industry. Contact us today for more information regarding view removal.

It is our mission to be at the forefront of the latest medical advances and it is our great pleasure to introduce our group practice offering a full range of medispa services and skincare products.


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For more information about our cellulite treatments please contact us today. Cellulite can be very difficult to reduce, while exercise does help our treatments drastically improve the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite Treatments

Rapid results to visibly reduce cellulite

Medispa S10 Sheffield Treatment Details Cellulite

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Cellulite affects around 90% of women of all ages, sizes and shapes. This can make women feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable. Even with the strictest of diets, trying to get rid of those stubborn fatty deposits can be very frustrating.

Cellulite may be more visible than fat deeper in the body. Everyone has layers of fat under the skin no matter what size or shape the person. Collagen fibers (septa) that connect fat to the skin may stretch, break down or pull tight.

Increased adipose volume slows circulatory exchange and thickening and hardening of the septa creating a dimple.

Cellulite can affect both sexes but is more common in females because of the type of fat and connective tissue they have.

Cellulite can be caused by many contributing factors including hormones, genetics, diet and lifestyle factors.


Through a combination of vacuums, skin rollers and radio frequency the 3D dermology treatment incorporates the principles of lymphatic drainage to assist the body in moving lymph through the network of lymphatic vessels. The treatment will also improve the connective tissue strength, increases the circulation and increases oxygenation and oxygen exchange.
This drastically reduces the visible appearance of cellulite.


This treatment starts to rebuild collagen and promote new cell growth by hydrating the skin. Mesotherapy was developed in 1952 for many conditions including improving the circulation which subsequently proved to be very effective on cellulite.

Medispa S10 will prepare a cocktail of specially formulated ingredients which will stimulate the fat cells and cause them to breakdown which will help them to dissolve and be excreted through the blood stream.

After 3 sessions the appearance of your skin should appear to be smoother, tighter and firmer. After 6 sessions, the reduction will be noticeable.
We recommend a maintenance session every 6 months to optimise the results.

Dermology – vacuum rolling to reduce cellulite and increase lymphatic drainage


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Who is the dermology treatment suitable for?
Aside from pregnant and breastfeeding women, anyone who would like to get rid of their cellulite is welcome to undergo this procedure. Dermology is completely non-invasive, and so you will be able to resume your daily routine immediately after each course of treatment.*

Full list of side effects, cautions and contraindications will be discussed at face to face consultation.

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£60 Per Session / Course of 8 for only £400