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The best-kept secret amongst celebrities has now landed at Medispa S10.

In the past when we used injectables it would be for wrinkles and we would inject it into the muscles. These days we can also inject it into the outer layer of the skin, dramatically shrinking the pores and giving you an instant glass effect skin! This is often called a glass facial.

What is Skin-tox?

Skin-tox is, more or less, instant glass skin – no magical serums or multistep routines needed.

To achieve it in this injectable form, the same neurotoxic protein (aka Botulinum toxin) is utilized as in classic Skin-tox procedures.

However, dermatologists change up their needlework for Skin-tox to target different parts of the skin.

In other terms, traditional injectables irons out and prevents deep creases in the skin by weakening muscles in specific areas of the face like your forehead, laugh lines, or crow’s-feet.

Skin-tox, on the other hand, targets pores to create an all-over smoothing effect.

What does the procedure usually entail?

This highly effective glass facial treatment which uses 20 titanium 24k gold plated needles creating a small trauma without the pain.

It will dramatically reduce the pore size and give you a glowing complexion that’s as ‘clear as glass.’

This was, until recently, only achieved through multiple serums and a 10-step routine!

What are some immediate results from Skin-tox?
 Just as mentioned, pores benefit most from Skin-tox.
The injectable tightens them to reduce their appearance and make skin look brighter in the process.
How long does Skin-tox last?
Because of its immediate incredible results, a lot of celebrities get Skin-tox before they go on air.
The effects last three to six months.
This is about the same amount of time as typical injectables.
glass facial

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