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Gemma Collins shows off her weight loss from slimming injections

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Gemma Collins shows off her weight loss from slimming injections

The 38-year-old looking stunning in a sparkly jumpsuit recently at an event in London. She recently started a short course of special slimming injections. Designed to safely control the cravings to drastically support rapid weight loss.

Gemma lost three stone by using clever slimming jabs. In the run up to Dancing on Ice Gemma was burning up to 1,500 calories a day with a training programme and slimming injections. She has managed to maintain the weight loss with regular injections. After years of yoyo dieting, she is now an advocate of the treatment, quoting the jab “removes hunger from the equation”. The plan also regulates blood glucose levels that allow the body to turn fat into energy, which is the reason for such rapid weight loss results.

An incredible achievement and she looked incredible for it.

The slimming jabs can be self-administered following a short consultation with a medical professional. This ensures that they are safe and suitable for you. While the treatment is widely suitable for anyone ages 18 to 75 some pre-exciting medical conditions might not make this advisable. A three-week course costing £250 and typical expected weight loss of up to 14lbs it is clear to see why this is becoming the Celebrities ‘go-to’ treatment for weight loss.

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Credits: Image – BackGrid / The Sun