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Here’s why Soprano ICE is the best way to remove unwanted body hair

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Instead of constantly plucking, shaving, or waxing your hair from unwanted regions, visit Medispa S10 for a truly revolutionary method that will get your body hair gone for good with Soprano.

Here’s everything you need to know about Soprano ICE:

Soprano ICE is virtually pain-free

A lot of treatments and older technologies can cause pain and discomfort. Our clients report that the Soprano ICE laser hair removal is completely painless, offering a quick and comforting way to remove hair.

Most report that it feels like a paintbrush or a hot rock treatment. The freezing applicator tip feels good against the skin, allowing the heat of the laser to be transferred without the patient feeling any pain.

All skin types can be treated

A big worry that a lot of clients have is whether or not a certain hair removal treatment will work on their skin type and colour. Patients of different ages, races, and degrees of skin damage might not be able to have effective treatments elsewhere.

The Soprano laser hair removal machine comes with a whole array of settings that allow us to pick the bespoke treatment that will be most effective for you. The pigment in the hairs allows the heat from the laser to be converted into a source of energy that will remove and reduce hair.

Great value for money

Soprano ICE at Medispa S10 is affordable and cost-effective. The Soprano ICE laser price is not costly, despite it being a new technological advancement. Our clients, as well as those who have written in from Alma Soprano ICE laser reviews, report that this treatment is affordable and highly worth it for the amount of hair it removes.

Zero downtime and fast treatment times!

With the Soprano ICE hair removal machine, you won’t have to worry about taking time off from work or blocking out several hours of your busy schedule. This new treatment is quick and effective. This is due to the tip of the applicator, which runs at -3 degrees Celsius for a painless and effective sweep, with zero downtime!

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