Laser Hair Removal

More males are opting for our Soprano ICE laser hair removal – here’s why

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Soprano ICE laser hair removal

More and more males are opting for our Soprano ICE laser hair removal – here’s why…

We know you workout, we know you eat healthy and we know you are ready to hit the pool, plan your destination vacation or simply dawn that tank top. Do you need to get rid of unwanted body hair first?

Chances are you are already considering Laser Hair Removal, so let’s give you a few reasons why it is time to pull the trigger. Medispa S10 offers the latest in pain-free laser hair removal. Soprano ICE, the latest treatment in hair removal, is designed to remove unwanted hair quickly, comfortably and takes fewer visits than other treatments.

Men’s laser hair removal

The treatment is cooling and comfortable thanks to our Soprano ICE cooling mechanism.

It emits cool, safe spray with every laser pulse giving you a top-of-the-line experience. Our treatment is equally effective for any skin and hair type. Guys, it’s time to stop worrying about that extra chest hair, back hair or neck hair.

Why laser hair removal is suitable for ALL men

Recent studies have shown a general shift in grooming, especially when it comes to removing hair around the neck, between the eyebrows, and on the shoulders and chest for males. Men’s body hair is no longer a source of masculinity and pride.

Recent studies have shown that women don’t find excess hair attractive in males. There’s no need to feel self-conscious.

Razors and shaving tend to be the answer to excess body hair problems, but they can cause bumps and irritation for a lot of men.

Pete Harpham

A few weeks ago, Pete Harpham from one of our favourite Sheffield bars, Kettle Black in for Soprano ICE pain-free laser hair removal.

Kettle Black is an exclusive bar in Sheffield. It is the only bar to boast a 2am licence on Ecclesall Road and houses a Champagne Terrace, Private Whiskey Lounge, and a VIP Mezzanine.

The former Menzel’s site has been a hotspot for Sheffield since its opening in 2016. The bar was also awarded Sheffield’s best night out in 2017 by Westside Magazine.

Pete usually joins us for his Friday afternoon relaxing facial, but he decided to go for the Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatment.

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