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10 things about Laser Hair Removal that you should know

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10 things about Laser Hair Removal that you should know

So, you’re considering laser hair removal and want to know the ‘ins and outs’ before taking the plunge. We’ve put together ten of the most frequently asked questions or considerations regarding Laser Hair Removal along with a recent client.

  1. Is it painful?

Laser Hair Removal works by beaming the light of a laser through the pigment of the hair. The light causes a ‘heating’ effect, which damages the hair follicle and the hair bulb. This heating effect can be felt in a short burst but doesn’t even cause a flinch (unless you weren’t expecting it). It is nothing like been poked with a needle. In my own opinion, compared to waxing this is a dream. If you usually choose waxing as your method of battling the bristles then you’ll be putting us on your Christmas Card list for this.

  1. How long will it take?

In all honesty, it will take a little time. If you’re wanting long term or permeant results they aren’t going to happen overnight (much like my weight loss – huh!). It can take maybe two or three weeks to start seeing the difference. Full results are reached around 8 treatments in. Additional or maintenance session may be required but typically a full course is 8 treatments.

Another reason Laser Hair Removal is done over a number of sessions is that the follicles are all at different stages of growth. Which is why 8 sessions

  1. What skin & hair types does it work on?

It actually works on all skin types (patch test required). However, it doesn’t work on all hair types. Or should I say colour. The light from the laser has to be used on hair dark enough for the laser to effect (‘damage’) it. Unfortunately, grey or very blonde hair would not see the benefits of laser hair removal. So, beat the grey and laser it away today!

  1. It’s actually quite a fast process

Most appointments can be done quite quickly. Each session can be done within approximately 20minutes (depending on the size of the area). So it is quite easy to plan each session in around your dinner or any other plans you might have.

  1. What can I do after each session?

Because of the ‘heat’ from the laser stays in your skin for around 24 hours you have to be slightly careful what you do afterwards. For example, anything that exposes your skin to further heat (no just light) is not recommended. These include hot baths, hot showers, gyms, saunas etc. One of the main reasons for this is to prevent creating a beautifully warm environment for bacteria to do nasty things, like give you spots.

  1. What do I do before I start my treatment?

As strange as it might sound to those that don’t know much about laser hair removal, it actually needs shaving or trimming right back before you start. Laser Hair Removal doesn’t remove the hair, it stops it growing back. This allows the laser to get right to the root of the cause… literally. The other reason for shaving is that it stops the hair burning, which is never a pleasant smell.

  1. Time to get serious about the sun

Medispa S10 pride themselves on their skincare knowledge, which is massively beneficial when it comes to this. However, it is time to get careful here when it comes to sun… real or artificial (sun beds). Because of how Laser Hair Removal works (and it does work) you can’t jump straight into a tan after this, in fact, you can’t even have it done while you have a tan. If you’ve already got a tan, unless it’s out of a bottle, then most likely your skin has already had enough. The last thing you should think about is blasting it anymore.

We offer free consultations and patch testing (if it is suitable for you) before all of our treatments. This ensures that we are confident that not only will you enjoy the results but it is safe for you.

  1. But wait… it gets better!

You may be surprised to know that laser hair removal also helps with ingrown hairs and certain skin conditions. Not only will you benefit from significantly less hair, but you will enjoy smoother and clearer skin. Speak with the team for more information about laser skin treatments if you have anything else you would like looking at.

  1. Skincare after you’re bare

Certain skincare treatments and regimes might need a tweak after treatment. Scrubs, retinol creams and glycolic acid should be avoided for a couple of days. In addition to this chemical peels and even fake tan are best avoided for 1 to 2 weeks after treatment. The laser specialist will talk you through everything, so please don’t stress just embrace being hairless.

  1. Hold off on the waxing, plucking and dying

Waxing, plucking and dying (inc bleaching) hinder the process and affect the overall results. If you are wanting to have smooth skin throughout the process please just stick to shaving. Yes, we know Laser Hair Removal is about not shaving, but during the treatment/sessions stick to it. The difference will be huge and if you’re opting for Laser Hair Removal there is a reason, so help yourself out with this one. It’ll be well worth the short wait!

Find out more about Laser Hair Removal here. If you would like to book a free consultation and patch test (if suitable) then contact us today to get booked in.

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