How to achieve youthful looking skin with Medispa S10

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Did you know the secret behind your youthful looking skin, golden glow could be anti-wrinkle Injections?

Medispa S10, Sheffield’s number 1 place for Botox and dermal fillers, offer anti-wrinkle treatment that will give you a fresh, rejuvenated appearance without the loss of expression.

Our Botox treatments are doctor-led and administered with the highest quality of products, so you can trust that you are in the best facility to achieve that radiant and glowing summer look that we all aspire to have.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

As muscles contract overtime, wrinkles become more prominent. When you’re young, you have high collagen levels and skin that has enough elasticity to return to normal after muscle contractions.

It becomes more of a problem as we get older in the natural process of aging. Our collagen levels decrease, skin becomes less supple and muscle contractions begin to leave a mark. This is not something to be ashamed of; muscle contractions can be from smiling, laughing and living life to the fullest. However, if you feel that these wrinkles are affecting your confidence, mood or self-assurance, you may like to consider anti-wrinkle Treatment.

How Soon Can I Expect To See Results?

Our clients see outstanding results from their procedure within three-four days post-treatment. The after-effects of the Anti-Wrinkle Injection develop in the first week, and clients can expect to see the full benefits of the treatment even up to 10-12 days later!

At Medispa S10, we tailor each procedure to suit your own unique needs, so you can always guarantee natural yet radiant results. If you recognise the effects of the treatment becoming less noticeable over time, we offer a top up treatment, so you don’t have to sacrifice your confidence.

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