Here’s Leanne from LEM Blog’s Medispa S10 facial experience

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Facial, they are a total luxury but I love them. I’ve not had one for ages! Possibly the last time was when I was at Titanic spa about 8 months ago Now.  You know how much I like skincare so when I was asked by Juliet at Medispa S10 to try out one of their Microdermabrasion facials  I, of course, jumped at the chance. The Salon was created by Juliet & Emma to offer the latest ascetic treatments in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment. The salon offers a whole heap of treatments for just about every skin concern, With the latest technology and knowledge available.

Medispa S10 is a gorgeous salon with the most friendly of Staff. I was created by Juliet who was so lovely and bubbly that you instantly felt at ease. The salon itself is clean, bright & welcoming, beautiful. My therapist Izzy was not only gorgeous but really knowledgeable too, telling me about the microdermabrasion treatment as we went along. Diamond Microdermabrasion is a time-tested, proven treatment and it is recommended that it is repeated on a regular basis for a gentle yet effective boost to the natural exfoliation process in order to resurface the skin. What makes the Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment different from regular Microdermabrasion is the diamond tip.  The tip of the wand is made from laser cut diamonds which glide over the skin to exfoliate the superficial layers using a light suction in order to polish skin, remove dead skin cells and encourage blood flow.  The treatment is tailored to your skin type. It sounds like it would hurt but it really is a lovely treatment.

The top round pad is what came off my skin (Repulsive, I know) the bottom one is a clean pad as a comparison.

After the treatment, my skin was absolutely glowing, Slightly red but just glowing. The redness calmed down after about 20-30 minutes leaving my skin feeling seriously soft to the touch. The following day I applied my make up as usual and I cannot tell you the difference in my skin, my concealer and powder looked flawless for a change!

If you are based in Sheffield and have any skin concerns of any kind whether it be ageing, scarring, acne, pigmentation etc then I would definitely recommend you stop by Medispa S10 for a skin consultation. They are the dream team!

Treatment Price: £50

X Leanne X