Botox: Is it for me or not? Straight from a recent male client…

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Botox: The good, the bad and the no longer ugly

Hi, my name is Chris Maloney. I wanted to take a moment to share my experience, thoughts and feelings following my recent and first go at having Botox.

I’m a freelance IT professional and help with some of the IT systems here at Medispa S10. Since working with the amazing team here I have been intrigued about some of the treatments they specialise in, so I started to educate myself a little more.

I was particularly interested in the anti-ageing (Botox) treatments. Approaching 33 as a reasonably eligible bachelor (as I like to think) but following two years of several extensive brain surgeries I was worried how ‘eligible’ this now made me. It has certainly taken a toll on how I looked, feeling like I had aged 10 years in the last 2.!!

So, after asking a number of questions but giving the impression this was on an inquisitive and intrigued basis I started to make the decision if it was for me or not. I did my homework, asked some friends, and then realised it was certainly something I wanted to go ahead with.

I arranged a time with the team at Medispa S10 to have my consultation and discuss what I was wanting to achieve from having this. Michel, who is their qualified nurse was fantastic. Talking me through each step of the process, it’s effects and potential side effects. I quickly realised why they are a ‘Save Face’ clinic, as their attention to detail was incredible. I felt relaxed, comfortable and totally confident in Michel’s knowledge and experience.

Around 2 months ago I had my initial treatment. I was very pleasantly surprised how painless the injections were. If I could to compare it to anything, I would say it was similar to popping a small spot! Gross, I know… but hardly any pain at all! Many people are worried about injections, however that was by far the easiest experience I’ve ever had with injections. Anyway, the Botox… as it was the first time I had gone for the treatment and being male (males have thinker tougher skin) it didn’t notice too much change during the first week. However, towards the end of week two… WOW! The results were incredible! Any doubt I had regarding if it would work, or what difference it would make were thrown out of window.


Exactly two weeks following my initial treatment I returned to Medispa S10 for my follow up. I had a great consultation with Michel and we then began to test the results. Following this we went ahead to top up certain areas around my eyes, forehead and frown. Michel had discussed allowing some movement around the eyebrows to maintain a more natural look, and another week later the results were incredible.

I have enough movement to feel natural, but zero lines and wrinkles! Over the last month or so I have had dozens of friends and family comment about looking younger and not knowing what’s different about me. Now, I should be honest and tell them. However, I will not lie to you as I did them with a story about healthier food, more exercise etc etc… it’s my secret!


Yes, Yes and Yes! I will absolutely be having it again in 6 months or whenever it is due. For me now this will 100% be a reasonably regular treat to myself. It has made such a difference with how I look, but also how I feel about myself.

If I was to speak to anyone considering it I would strongly recommend Medispa S10 and also the treatment. It was virtually painless and the results are incredible.

If you would like to ask me personally about my experience please feel free to email me directly ( Otherwise, what you waiting for??

Give Medispa S10 a call today and get booked in!! The consultation is FREE and if you then feel it works for you give it a try… I promise you that you will not regret it! Tell them Chris Maloney sent you 😉


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