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How long does 3D Lipo treatment take and what to expect?

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How long does 3D Lipo treatment take?

The amazing 3D Lipo is an amazing industry leading ‘fat loss’ treatment. If you are considering 3D Lipo treatment it important to understand all the commitments. Time is precious and we understand everyone is busy. Therefore, knowing how long the course of treatments will take and how long the results will be noticeable or crucial during the decision-making process.

The benefits of the 3D Lipo system is that it offers many different treatments and technologies. This means that the courses can be specifically tailored to your specific body type. Allowing us to entirely bespoke courses to maximise the effectiveness of your course. However, the most comment questions are:

  • How long will each session take?
  • How long does a course need to be?
  • How long will it be before I see results?

Cavitation Fat Removal

Cavitation is for fat removal for larger area of the body (larger than a hand size of fat) and is completed throughout a course. The cavitation technology causes fat cells to implode by perfectly targeting them with sound saves. This causes the fat stored inside with cells to spill out and turning it into interstitial tissue. The fat is then divided into glycerol and fatty acids which is transported to the liver and processed as waste.

The treatment must be followed in a course of a minimum of 8 treatments. Each individual treatment takes around 45 minutes and is all that can be done on the body each week. This means that a course of 8 treatments will be spread over a minimum of 8 weeks.

For this treatment the results are quite fast as on average 0.5cm of fat is targeted each treatment. You will notice a difference almost immediately although the final results at the end of the course will be fantastic.

As each person is different some people will be recommended or may want to continue with ongoing treatments to enhance the results. By combining Cavitation with other treatments (cellulite treatments and skin tightening) will allow you to achieve the ultimate shape and size you desire.

Fat Freezing

This is the most widely known and popular 3D Lipo treatment. Utilizing two features; 3D Lipo and 3D LipoMed. 3D LipoMed is a medical device and is more powerful. This is important to know regarding time because it can target two areas simultaneously.

Fat freezing is also known as Cryolipolysis and is a completely non-surgical means of breaking down the fat cells. Ideal for pockets of fat no bigger than a hand size. The actual treatment time is around 45 minutes, but we make a booking for an hour is recommended.

Dependant on the size and shape of the body it is not always possible to attached 2 applicators at the same time. This is only applicable if two areas are been treated. If we are treating multiple areas you many be able to have them completed at the same time.

Approximately 20-40% of the fat cells are targeted and the body then slowly breaks them down completely naturally. The same way it removes thousands of dead cells each day. This process could take up to a few months, but most people do see a change within a few weeks.

For those wanting to continually optimise their results repeated treatments can be carried out after 6 months. This is ideal for people with stubborn areas of fat that don’t seem to go with exercise and diet.

Cellulite 3D Dermology

Advanced technology uses a ‘vacuum’ roller called Dermology combined with RF (below). By rolling over the body repeatedly and alternating direction the treatment causes the connective tissue (fat storing areas) to break down. The stimulation to the connective tissue triggers the body to repair itself allowing for better quality connective tissue.

This procedure is essentially encouraging the cells to break down and repair much more efficiently. This is also dependant of the individual with a number of contributing aspects (age, fat, genetics etc). Additional benefits are that it encourages healthy blood flow and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove toxins from the body.

Treatment time is usually around 40 to 60 minutes for each treatment. Which is part of the 3D Lipo course. The results are:

  1. Immediate – results will be noticed instantly due to the stimulation in the skin, lymphatic drainage and superficial fat removal and fat breakdown.
  2. Gradual – because it is relying on the body to repair the connective tissue which can take a few weeks

Our bodies are always changing and if you’re genetically more prone to cellulite, you might want to consider periodic treatments as maintenance.

RF Skin tightening

Radio Frequency (RF) energies used for skin tightening are suitable to all skin types. We all know that as the skin ages, it becomes looser. Areas of the skin that have been overstretched (pregnancy, weight loss etc) become saggy with the looser damaged skin over time. This treatment specifically targets the collagen and elastic fibres and heats them to create a tightening of these fibres. Creating a lifting and shrinking effect with the skin.

Similar to cavitation fat removal this treatment takes around 1 hour to perform. It is also carried out over an average of 8 treatments. The quality of the skin and age will determine when the results are noticeable. Some clients see an improvement of their skin tightness and quality after just a few treatments. However, with others it may be towards to the of the course. Older skin may opt to continue the treatments at weekly intervals as part of a maintenance programme every month or so.


3D LipoMed can take less time to complete treatments compared to the 3D Lipo device. With 3D LipoMed, typical treatment times are around 1 hour and courses of treatments last around 8 weeks. 8 to 16 weeks is a typical timescale to see the results of 3D LipoMed treatments.

If you would like to arrange a free consultation to run through what would be best for yourself book a free consultation with us today. Contact us here.